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The Stewart/Brewer family who helped build the country of New Zealand in the Bay of Islands when that region was the economic and political capital of New Zealand.

Gary's grandfather, Thomas Henry Stewart is back right, Great grandmother, center left . Great great Grandfather, to the right of the bride.
Isabella Brewer, daughter of Isabella Logan and Thomas Dauntless Stewart, born on the ship Dauntless during its epic voyage to New Zealand 1865. Coincidentally Isabella Logan was 20 years old and on that same voyage..
During that voyage there was a mutiny, 20 deaths, storms and the rescue of the Fiery Star. The many passengers were lost at sea and all the Dauntless could rescue were the 20 lives of those who had stayed on board trying to save the burning ship.

Read the history of this epic voyage

Captain Moore, 33 years, exhausted, came ashore in Auckland and died.
Isabella and Thomas Dauntless' son, Thomas Henry Stewart married Phoebe Jane Neill, daughter of Sam Neill
who was 3 years old on that very same voyage of the Dauntless!
Their daughter, Nita Isabella Stewart married Keith Schofield
The Schofield family were pioneers from the Yorkshire gentry of Dore.

The Henry Schofield diaries are on permanent display in the New Zealand Archives.

They tell of two pioneering voyages to Christchurch with clarity and depth, with adventure and tragedy as two of his children died on the last voyage within sight of land.
Success in art came early for Nita and Keith's children Gary and Christine
Gary Schofield and his dog Pixie, Pix for short.

Students (Gary left) learning community service and pursuing the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, Gary would later receive the Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award at age 18.
Gary and sister Christine
Exhibition in Hamilton, New Zealand

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