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Remarkably, each portrait has been painted using a different artistic style:
US Defense Secretary Dr. William Perry
Maori Chief named Take Take
Sir Edmund Hillary

Sir Edmund Hillary's Smile

It was in the 1980s that I had been asked to Sir Edmund's modest home in Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand. I was painting his portrait and had asked my father Keith Schofield, then a professional photographer, to accompany me.

We set about attempting to capture the ultimate image of the conqueror of the highest, author and humanitarian.

My Grandfather Henry (Harry) Stewart was the postmaster at Tuakau where Sir Ed grew up and had his childhood and many a time had been spent in that little rural New Zealand town discussing young Edmund. His father was often worrying about his thin, quiet, dreamer of a son. A son that would one day become one of the great figures of human history.

Dad and I arrived at Sir Ed's place and he was very welcoming and, like all New Zealanders, free of any pretensions. To get an engaging and revealing conversation from him was another matter.

The answers were always a word or two with very little opportunity for a follow up. Keith, my father, just like Sir Ed, was a beekeeper and if that wondrous and unusual profession did not elicit an engaging conversation then nothing would. .. so nothing would. I have to say however that New Zealand men of Sir Ed's era often displayed an extraordinary sense of quiet stoicism and modesty. It was most likely born from forging their own pioneering country surrounded and isolated by the natural world.

Here, however, you have to see this in the backdrop of two artists trying to capture the essence of the man for posterity.

One of my fathers great abilities was as a child photographer. With little care for technical detail he could capture the most delightful expression on children's faces.

So, the smile on the portrait of Sir Edmund Hillary, the man who had conquered Everest, was captured and inspired by my Dad leaping from behind the couch, on one leg, with a squeaky toy raised above his head.
Sir Ed
General Shalikasvili

The Chess Players
Maori Mother and Child
Matthew Swinburn
The Beekeeper
Gary's work at age 8
Movie Star Lynn Bari
Keith Schofield
Tony Hart Headmaster

Kathy in repose
Red Boy Schofield After Gainsborough
Karen Terry
Mark and Janine

Connie Lawn

White House Journalist and Voice From America
Evan McCulloch


Rennaisance Portrait Studiy
Pre-Raphaelite Portrait Study
Linda Richmond
Father and Son Commission
Jane Arnott

New Zealand CEO and Executive, Conservationist and Visionary
The painting repaired and improved 30 years later
Cover design and drawing for "Speaking in Tongues"; a rare and sought after poetry publication
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